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Bd. 3 (2024): GeoTHERM Abstract Band

Research, Development and Deployment Advancing Deep Geothermal Energy Utilisation and Geothermal Technology: An Update from the International Energy Agency Geothermal Technology Collaboration Programme

Oktober 25, 2023


There is significant research effort occurring advancing technologies that will enable more widespread utilisation of deep geothermal energy in coming years. This presentation will canvas the research, development and deployment activity in the 13 nations and 2 organisations that are participants in the IEA Geothermal Technology Collaboration Programme.  The work occurring in IEA Geothermal on superhot geothermal, advances in geothermal drilling technologies and underground thermal energy storage will be amongst a range of aspects discussed in the presentation.  The presentation will identify work occurring through programmes supported by the USDOE and the EC who currently fund significant geothermal research activity.

Come and listen, and maybe find out what is occurring in your nation, or in neighbour nations or in nations on the other side of the globe. Be introduced to some of the experts with whom you can connect with later.