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Bd. 2 (2023): GeoTHERM Abstract-Band

Moderne seismische Datenbearbeitung zur Erfüllung der Anforderungen von Geothermieprojekten

Oktober 28, 2022


While seismic imaging is standard in the exploration of oil and gas fields, its significance is growing as the basis for success of geothermal projects. Standard seismic processing strategies work for areas with simple geology, but do not lead to satisfactory results in complex geologic settings. As geothermal projects regularly face such complexity (e.g. the fault systems of the Rhine Graben), the applied standard and often outdated seismic processing techniques do not provide sufficient subsurface imaging. These shortcomings cause problems and costs that can be avoided with enhanced seismic data processing strategies. In the talk, we will present data examples to show the advantages of modern processing techniques in comparison to standard processing.